Cbot Labs On Xahau

An article about Cbot Labs joining Xahau UNL and creation of a table in the governance game.

Written By Cody


Vailidor Public Key: nHUCQgftpGqfDAY7XMCXPbyBBvGRg9T6n1YMnmaG2trnrYeywAjL


We are excited to announce that we have been added to the Xahau UNL. Our goal is to provide steadfast support to the network with our validator. We will continue to build on our self-hosted data center to improve the quality of our validator service. In the near future, we will be hosting a secondary validator for testing purposes.


I am interested in joining or creating a table on Xahau. My main motivation for wanting to join or create a table is to have a hand in management and expansion of Xahau. I find the planned structure for Xahau fascinating and am interested in getting involved. I have been working with gadget78 (Mick) with the intention of creating or joining a Xahau table. This table would also seat a few other individuals. We plan to ensure all table members have some technical knowledge about the XRPL and are active in the community for a reasonable amount of time. Our table would focus on research and development of new products and services to enhance the Xahau community. We plan to learn, build, and educate the community. I believe myself and other table members can help spread knowledge about Xahau, explore new use cases, and discover possibilities with the new sidechain. If someone can contact me with requirements or steps I need to take to set up or join a table that would be appreciated.


If you have any questions or need more information please reach out. My email is cody@cbotlabs.xyz and my twitter is @cbot_xrpl. You can also use the links below to contact my email or twitter. I look forward to meeting other validators and learning more about the infrastructure of Xahau and the XRPL.